Panos is on a mission to protect what you love by delivering products that utilize cryptographic principles and respect the privacy of their users. In the past he did research in Computer Security and Machine Learning and currently he works as a Software Engineer for Office 365.

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03 Oct 2016 . tech . Don't use CryptoSwift Comments

CryptoSwift is a Swift component that provides cryptographic algorithms, implemented from scratch, and maintained by one person because he can. What can go wrong? Like you guessed, a lot.

When you use cryptography it will be for securing information, which means that you can’t really afford bugs. So the rule is that you should be very careful on which crypto-libraries to take a dependency on, since they should be maintained by domain experts and being tested in the wild successfully and for a long period of time.

That said, I had to use PBKDF2 for a...




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